Ana Castillo bio: The Poetry Foundation

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For students and researchers Ana Castillo in more recent public presentations:

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La Tolteca ‘Zine: Promoting the Advancement of a World Without Borders & Censorship

La Tolteca ‘Zine next issue: Se habla español. September 21, 2014.


La Tolteca ‘Zine: Promoting the Advancement of a World Without Borders or Censorship is a labor of love founded in 2010 by Ana Castillo & workshopistas. Ana Castillo: Founding publisher and editor in chief. Ignatius V. Alloysius, managing editor and designer. Staff and all Contributors volunteer. Follow us on Go to La Tolteca. Catch up on back issues before our fabulous new issue: Sept. 21st.

LaTolteca Spring 2014-FINALc_FCover


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I Ask the Impossible (


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Peel My Love like an Onion


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Massacre of the Dreamers: The 20th Anniversary Updated edition November 1st, 2014


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Ana Castillo reading to the community and students in Tucson May 4th 2012.


“They can take my books out of the schools and they can keep me out of the schools,” Castillo told The Progressive. “But as a law-abiding citizen, they cannot keep me out of Tucson.” – See more at:

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Interview & lit pic: Give It To Me

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Supermoon GIVE IT TO ME CONTEST Deadline: 7/12/14 11:59 p.m. CST

Feeling the fangs & ear-hair of the full moon mañana? Get over it & get yourself a signed book–reading is the GREAT ESCAPE of all undesired reality.

Everyone’s talking about the ‘raunchy’ protagonist, Palma Piedras of GIVE IT TO ME


Just how ‘raunchy’ is she? It all depends, don’t it? Try our quiz here. First five to answer 8 out of 10 correctly win a personally autographed copy mailed to your door. Answers on L/T ‘Zine FB page or send all ten to: Deadline: Super full moon mañana July 12 11:59 CST. (In case of dispute, answers must be cited from literal quotes in the text.)

1. Palma Piedras actually bangs her primo, i.e., the protagonist has a genuine incestuous relationship. (True or False?)

2. Palma Piedras swigs down tequila shots easily porque lo hacía por fichas en los bares de Tijuana. (True or False?)

3. Palma Piedras has a 6th toe just like her biological mother, Angela. (True or False?)

4. Palma Piedras hooked for her Columbian husband, Rodrigo in Medellín.

5. Palma’s lover Ursula names their pooch, Romeo because they do three-way with the dog. (True or False.)

6. Palma Piedras became promiscuous because she was raped by her uncle, tío Yimmy/Jimbo. (True or false.)

7. Palma Piedras worries a lot about how huge her ‘bubble butt’ looks in jeans. (True or false.)

8. Palma Piedras got over her shyness by doing poetry slams with her lover Fierce H. (True or false.)

9. Palma Piedras was born in a village in Mexico and was transported in the back of a troca with her grandmother and uncle. (True or false.)

10. Palma Piedras’ greatest desire in life was to fly a plane across the ocean like Amelia Earhart( except that the protagonist wanted to do it while intoxicated). (True or false.)


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