Last public venue of the season: July 26th, Santa Fe.

IAIA star

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Working on Fall 2015-Spring 2016 schedule


SWIMMING WITH SHARKS: A Mother’s and Son’s Urban Life Stories (Feminist Press, NY; May 2016)

WATERCOLOR WOMEN, OPAQUE MEN: A Novel in Verse (New, revised edition, Northwestern University Press, Fall, 2016)


(Oil by Ana Castillo)

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SAPOGONIA: An Anti-Romance in 3/8 Meters

Notoable New York Times Notable Book Selection


Ana Castillo’s Sapagonia… a daring novel in that AC chooses to tell her story at least in part through an unsympathetic machistic male protagonist, including his many exploitative encounters with women–until he meets more than his match—AC’s irresistible femme fatal, Pastora. Reflecting on the Central American revolutions and the Midwest solidarity they inspired, the novel is also the only fictional portrayal we have to date of the Chicago Latino artistic explosion of the 1970s, including the imagined election of the city’s first latino mayor.– Marc Zimmerman

2 versions: Bilingual Press (unedited). Anchor Books (revised). New York Times Notable Book of the Year.


“…most casual readers are likely unaware of the content and context of the substantial changes made to Castillo’s novel between its two publication dates.literary critics who tackle this novel are unaware of those changes or do not mention them at all…
…Scholars of border literature, particularly those who emphasize the narrative role of oral, alternative, counter, and competing histories in border texts, could benefit from attention to the material instability of the texts they study. Literature of the border often advocates sustained attention to the instability of identity and history, asserting mestiza/o identity as a valorization of the spaces between traditionally conceived binaries implied by nation, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. By expanding the field of inquiring to in include the material borders of and between texts, we can begin…”


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Teaching memoir to undergrads

Fall, 2014

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American Indian Institute of Art: July 26th

Summer Writing Residency Program


AC publicity

July 26th: Spiritual Activism Writing Workshop,
Reading and book signing.

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GIVE IT TO ME recommended for NOT so guilty pleasure summer reading!

LAMBDA award for best bi-fiction.


American Library Association summer reading selection 2014

TOP SIX Summer Read recommendations with MORE MAGAZINE for women over 40:





Ana Castillo talking “Give It To Me” on public radio, El Paso, TX

CONGRATULATIONS to U.S. legislators & to all upcoming same-sex tax paying newlyweds on the passing of same-sex marriage.

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Don’t Look for your Favorite Poet(s) on Twitter


TOP TEN REAOSONS Why You Won’t Find Me or Many Poets BotheringTweeting

10. While you are able to post events, it is used far more 4 anecdotes, such as what was for lunch.Do you want your accomplishments or life to be an anecdote?

9. Twitter PROMOTES public conversation. The private messaging tools are limited. Once you tweet, it’s out there forever.

8. Unless you have the time to go back and review everything, you miss what someone just said about you or your work.

7. According to a CNN report Twitter can numb a person’s compassion.

6. More than other social platforms TWITTER subscribers can fall prey to predators. Predators, trolls, online stalkers who may well become real stalkers, are envidioso/as and CON artists out to get you to give them money can find you.

5.There are career and financial spies watching your every move. If you post the wrong image or are deceptive—Boop! You may be passed up for a job, speaking invite, award, grant, considered undesirable or, even,if you’re all but out of the loop, denied disability benefits.

4. According to Academia.Com: Social Media vs. Books? Books remain the ‘best medium for communication as they are the bridge among generations and time.’ (FYI See: The End of An Era for

3.If you are at the BOTTOM of the ladder of Twitter users with under 30 followers it’s wise to quit the platform. No one cares.

2.Twitter shares all your personal information with third parties. Through twitter ANYONE can follow you.

NUBMBER ONE REASON WHY YOU WON’T FIND ME ON TWITTER: Your favorite poets give readings, teach workshops & classes, are putting out new collections, BUT ESPECIALLY being true to their poetic selves.



Northwestern University Press; IL. FALL, 2016 RELEASE.
Forward by Carmen Tafolla, current Poet Laureate of Texas.



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Latina 50 Plus Honoree Luncheon, Bronx, NY

Saturday, June 21st, 2015
honoring Latina Pioneers

Thank you, Latina 50 Plus for the lifetime recognition.
Gracias to María Aponte for all her hard work and efforts. This event celebrates Latina pioneers and proceeds provide scholarships.

50 Plus Awards 2015


Thank you, Aurora Anaya-Cerda of Casa Azul Bookstore for accepting the honor on my behalf. Congratulations on Casa Azul and its own accomplishments and support of Latino lit.

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New Release May, 2016: SWIMMING WITH SHARKS

Memoir & Personal Essays
Swimming With Sharks: A Mother’s and Son’s Urban Life Stories
Feminist Press, NY; 2016.
by Ana Castillo

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Reading Santa Fe June 30th: Middlebury College/Bread Loaf Program

Reading and signing: 7 pm

Castillo Ortiz

St. John's College


FREE & Open to the Public

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