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St. Edwards 2015

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Black Dove: Mamá, Mi’jo, and Me (Life Stories)

Feminist Press, May, 2016

La Prensa

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November 6th Philadelphia

Society for the Study of American Women Writers Conference
Keynote, Fri., November 6th.

“In novels, short stories, poems, and essays, Ana Castillo explores what Ibis Gomez-Vega has called “those segments of the American population often separated by class, economics, gender, and sexual orientation.” Castillo’s works transcend these boundaries of politics, class, and gender, making her “one of a few Mexican American writers who have attracted the attention of the mainstream reading public” (Ibis Gomez-Vega). Castillo’s prose blends elements of oral history and established literary tradition with innovation and experimentation: she has been called “the most daring and experimental of Latino novelists” (Ilan Stavans). Castillo’s highly-anticipated new novel *Give It To Me* (late spring 2014). In their starred review Library Journal lauds the upcoming book as “entertaining from the beginning….Lives up to Castillo’s reputation of creating strong characters that defy stereotypes.”

Whether [she] is writing poetry, essays, or fiction, her work sizzles with equal measures of passion and intelligence.

*So Far From God* could be the offspring of a union between One Hundred Years of Solitude and General Hospital: a sassy, magical, melodramatic love child…
—Barbara Kingsolver

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Chicago Historical Museum

IMG_8279Exhibit opens October 17th.

Featuring in audio: Peel My Love like an Onion.

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Xicana! My medicine is within.


Social change

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Fiction, poetry and non-fiction by Ana Castillo with Chicago settings



Give It To Me

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The Mixquiahuala Letters

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New Works by Ana Castillo

PicMonkey Collage

BLACK DOVE release

Give It To Me

2014 20th anniversary update edition


Also coming up Fall, 2016 updated, revised edition, Northwestern University release:


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LA TOLTECA ZINE fall equinox 2015

Celebrate with us as La Tolteca Zine enters its 5th year with
We feature workshop participants from through the world with Ana Castillo and showcase established writers and artists.

Check it out. It’s free.

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