Turning a perceptive eye on her own life, Ana Castillo lyrically excavates her family’s surprising migration story, recalls her childhood as an intellectually spirited rebel, and recounts her against-all-odds journey to become a writer and activist. But when faced with the challenges of parenting, including her son’s sudden imprisonment, she must examine her identity as single, brown, and feminist—in a world of mother blaming, racial profiling, and anti-immigration rhetoric.

In these smart, poignant essays, Castillo confronts some of America’s most urgent social injustices through the idiosyncratic lens of motherhood and family history. Black Dove is a testament to the necessity, and the power, of becoming the narrator of one’s own life.

“Reading Black Dove is like sitting down to an intimate chat with Castillo about growing up with one foot in your parents’ world and the other in your own. Thank you for this gift.”—Veronica I. Arreola, founder of Viva La Feminista

“Órale! Castillo teaches us how to become the Latina sister outsider we all dream of being.”—Ileana Jiménez, founder of Feminist Teacher

“Ana Castillo is an American treasure. Fearless, compassionate, and flat-out brilliant—she is the writer we need as we navigate the challenges of our ever-changing world.”—Tayari Jones, author of Silver Sparrow

Ana Castillo is the author of several books of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, including Massacre of the Dreamers, So Far from God, and the Lambda Award–winning Give It to Me.

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