BLACK DOVE: Mamá, Mi’jo, and Me (Life Stories) by Ana Castillo May 10, 2016, Feminist Press; NY

INTRO (excerpt, on U.S. history of immigration, my own grandparents’ migration north and repatriation in 1929)
“To think that less than a hundred years ago, up to a million people were corralled, harassed, and handed orders as private citizens to leave this country. They were told to leave hard-earned good lives behind, lives that might’ve included work, property, family, community, church, and future plans. This seems a monumentally sad, unimaginative way to fix a fallen economy.

¿Qué? No lo entiendo, I say to you.”


‘On Mothers, Lovers, and, Other Rivals,’ new memoir essay in BLACK DOVE (MAY 10, 2016, Feminist Press; NY)

‘This is not the story about a love affair. It is a story about the love affair. It doesn’t tell how it started or all the good stuff along the way. It is only about its inevitable end. There was a lot of good stuff, to be sure. For example, I recall the hard earned week at a resort in Manzanillo where we spent most of the time in our room or by the pool and back to our room…’

not for repost

‘Are Hunters Born or Made?’ memoir essay in BLACK DOVE

Excerpt: “’In other words…’ I started slowly, needing to paraphrase what he’d just confirmed to give myself a little time to absorb it. “if a girl goes after you, you are automatically not interested in her on principle.”
“Oh without a doubt. I’m a hunter.” No question, he was smug.
“Okay, Bambi,” I said, “ As you go off to join the thundering herd, what do you expect from the girl now? You blew her off. You were rude.”
People say my son…”

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