Forthcoming Book Announcement: May, 2016


BLACK DOVE: About Mamá, Mi’jo, and Me
by Ana Castillo

“Paloma Negra,” Ana Castillo’s mother sings the day her daughter leaves home, “I don’t know if I should curse you or pray for you.” BLACK DOVES: Essays on Mamá, Mi’jo, and Me explores the writer’s life as the intellectually spirited daughter of a Mexican-Indian mother and how such a daughter made her way to becoming the cherished Chicana feminist novelist, poet, and non-fiction writer she is today. Ana Castillo speaks from the heart about the challenges and difficulties of growing up brown in Chicago in the late 1960s and 1970s.

A generation later, raising a son on her own, the mariachi lyrics resonate when Ana Castillo’s son spirals after college. The heated immigration debate and random attacks on youth of color are addressed with an unflinching focus on social injustice. Regardless of color or class, every parent in the United States today, can take comfort in and heed of Castillo’s poignant, often funny, stories of her life.


(Previous working titles for this collection: ‘MY Mother’s Mexico.’ and ‘Swimming with Sharks.’)

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