The Guardians on Tape Read by Ana Castillo

Dear Ms. Castillo-

I am an adjunct instructor at the college in my community and I have begun to listen to books on tape recently.  I pick up books at the library on campus, often on a whim.  This week, I have had the experience of listening to your book, The Guardians.  I cannot describe what a moving experience that was.  The only thing I didn’t enjoy about your book was that it ended.  The characters were so rich, and Regina, sweet Regina… I just loved your work…. It took my breath away.
And I will tell you, it is so meaningful to me to see characters portrayed whose spirits cannot be destroyed…..
I suspect that “Abuelo Milton” and “Little Mikey”  “Gabo” and “Regina” will stay with me a long time.
I just wanted to thank you. I did not know you were a poet until reading your book, and I can see that in the book…. the words rush over you like poetry.
So, a million thanks for a poignant, beautiful story.

Maria Murphy
Simply Put Together

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