¿Qué a pasado con ‘Nstro.’ México?

Recommended ‘holiday’ movie:

El infierno (2010)

Epic black comedy about the world of Mafia and organized crime, HELL helps us to understand what everybody is asking: What is happening in Mexico today? Written by El Cochiloco

In point of fact it isn’t funny as much as dead-on. In literary terms it is a comedy because the ‘heroes’ don’t get killed in the end–but if we roo tfor them, it is for fantasy’s sake, as SOPRANOS fans rooted for Tony at the end.

But we wouldn’t want someone to offer him $25K for our head.

As we come to the end of another bloody Mexican year, narcos activities oozing and spreading into the U.S. if you have any curiosity about Mexican narotraficante/cartel life, check it out.

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