New School, NY this week

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PBS New Mexico

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Interview July 2016

SO FAR FROM GOD #18 on this list: Many thanks

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Brazil 2016 Live Your Passion Happy Summer Everyone

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photofunny.net__final_225662613958_ New interview with Ana Castillo

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Women’s Focus KUNM radio interview on Black Dove

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Last 2 BLACK DOVE promotional reading & book signings: NM

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NM readings

SUNDAY ALBUQUERQUE reading is at 3 p.m.

#1 on NBC reading list. Thank you much~

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“Journeys” With this issue, I’ll be taking a hiatus. We’ll announce on the official La Tolteca Zine page on FB when we are returning. Look for our virtual pages in 2017. Gracias, merci, obrigado, grazie and of course, thank you, all contributors and our volunteer staff.

New poem included

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