La Tolteca ‘Zine: Promoting the Advancement of a World Without Borders and Censorship Through the Arts and Letters

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Thank you for visiting the Ana Castillo Website and (La Tolteca) and L/T ‘Zine Page on FB. La Tolteca ‘Zine new issue Spring Equinox, 2014 with more fabulous arts and literature by established and emerging artists, writers and scholars. Due to the extent of wonderful submissions we will be featuring a summer issue, in [...]

Pre-Order Available Now in Hard & Soft Cover

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Advanced Praise for GIVE IT TO ME

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“From the moment I read Women are not Roses by Ana Castillo in 1984 I knew she was a writer who would always reach inside her readers and squeeze until we were breathless. Years later Castillo has not let go. In her new novel, Give It To Me, Castillo delivers a story that is both [...]


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Anyone wishing to contact Ana Castillo may do so through her official online address: Speaking engagement invitations should be made through Lyceum Agency. Info. on website. Any inquiries regarding the promotion of her forthcoming novel (GIVE IT TO ME, May 2014) and appearances should be directed to The Feminist Press publicist Elizabeth Koke. [...]

GALLEYS! New Novel Pub Date May 2014

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“Cheeky, amoral, and a gritty survivor, Palma Piedras is a picaresque heroine for the twenty-first century. With an unflinching satirical flare, Castillo creates a vivid cast of rogues and helpless characters who alarmingly resemble people we know.” –Jamie Manrique, author of CERVANTES STREET “In this gritty and entertaining novel, Ana Castillo paints a captivating portrait [...]

Ana Castillo named Lund-Gill Endowed Chair, Dominican University

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Fall, 2014 Current Endowed Chair: Christopher Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy Foundation.

Ana Castillo Tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe

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The Library of Congress “A Celebration of Mexico.” December 12 – 13, 2013 101 Independence Ave., SE Washington DC 20540-3000 Opening: Ana Castillo and Eduardo Medina-Mora, Ambassdor of Mexico to the United States

GIVE IT TO ME by Ana Castillo

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More advanced praise: Cheeky, amoral, and a gritty survivor, Palma Piedras, the main character of Ana Castillo’s GIVE IT TO ME, is a picaresque heroine for the 21st century. The barbed sense of humor on display here is a welcome tonic. GIVE IT TO ME demolishes clichés and tired tropes, as Castillo depicts, with an [...]

Regretfully, no further appearance information on this page

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In order to protect the safety and privacy of the author and her family THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER POSTS, NEWS or APPEARANCE INFORMATION POSTED ON THE ANA CASTILLO WEBSITE. Contact the author @ for information or queries.

Give It To Me: New Novel by Ana Castillo Release: May 2014, The Feminist Press

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Advanced Praise for Give It to Me: Inside the suitcase her abuela brought with her from Mexico as a young bride, Palma Piedras discovers her own past in a series of letters written when she was only a child. Now she is a university graduate, a bisexual woman who looks toward the future but who [...]